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The company «Akselrod Estate» was founded in 1991 and the head office of company is located in Dneproperovsk city.

An operating as a holding «Akselrod Estate» carries out the complete spectrum of activity on realization of investment projects in build sphere.

A company comes forward an investor, customer and person builder on the row of the shopping, business centers and also exclusive elite complexes and elite apartment houses since 1991.

Perspective work assignment a company is complex development of central historical part of city projects.

Conceptions, prepared «Akselrod Estate», got approval of city council of Dnepropetrovsk and underlied complex building of a few large quarters of Dnepropetrovsk.

Nowadays a company «Akselrod Estate» is included in three of the market leaders of Dnepropetrovsk elite apartment real estate in quality of the entered habitation.

A company realizes the projects of the prepared shopping and office buildings, apartment houses to the investors, and also gives services of lease of shopping-office areas, being in its property.

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