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/Jean de Labryuyer/

«Amsterdam» is the inalienable detail of dwelling complex «The East wall» in same queue included in the town-planning band of «Krutogorniy»,

«Krutogorniy» takes a place within bounds of historical off-shore kernel of center of city on the joining to him steep north slope of the Main city hill and possesses an own spatial structure, basis of which is made by the followings, bound in one unit, by a meridianal ax by volume elements:

  • «Towers» are height part, consisting of two dwellings towers-twins, disposed on the Overhead terrace;
  • «Amphitheatre», are terrase dwelling-houses on the slopes of the Large terrace;
  • «Walls», by a tendon, extensive house
  • «Western wall» and group of discrete dwelling-houses
  • «East wall», joining the butt ends of «Amphitheatre»;
  • «Kamenja» it is little floor high-dense building, forming the area of Zodchego Starova at foundation of slope.

The architectural idea of «Amsterdam» appeared as a result of compromise. The persistent desire of customer to «adorn» future building by «historical elements» blundered upon the hidden resistance of architects which in reply offered the grotesque sculpture of medieval city «carved» from the block of ordinary dwelling-house. The found appearance, as turned out, answered the natural desire of future clients to live in the from afar noticeable houses, what predetermined commercial success.

At will of customer, an object is planned as a house of club type calculating on the «narrow circle» of habitants with the high level of profit, here all of apartments without an exception must have a panoramic view on Dnepr - river. This task was decided on the basis of two-flat section, here planning of every apartment is built around the space of living room and dining-room oriented in two ways. The accepted unusually wide building (18m) allowed to place parking and SPA-center in socle floors, and G-shaped a building form enabled to organize an internal court-patio on steep relief.

Demonstratively strict and asceticism architecture of building is built on the contrasting of mainly deaf brick and glazed volumes from one side and saw-shaped completion with orthogonal foundation, with other.

Apartment house «Amsterdam» is situated at Shaumyan street, 15 (at the region of Monastirskiy Island) in Dnepropetrovsk

General area of building 13393 ģ²
Height 41 ģ
Floor 6-7 floors
Build volume 43942 ģ³
Site area 1832 ģ²
Amsterdam Amsterdam Amsterdam Amsterdam
Amsterdam Amsterdam