Veritable dignity like a river, what it is deeper, the less than publishes noise

/Michel de Montaigne/

An object is disposed on a red line of Karl Marx Avenue. 7-floor building of TBC is decided as a parallelepiped, measuring 55x33m in a plan with atrium space inwardly on all of height of building.

Building composition is completed by a sentinel tower, fixing crossing of central boulevard of city with a Kuybyshev street. Building basement is occupied by parking. Shops-boutiques are on a 0th, 1th and 2nd floor. On 3-7th floors offices are disposed.

Business center «Atrium» is situated at: Karl Marx Avenue, 22 in Dnepropetrovsk

General area of building 12900 ²
Height 34
Floor 7 floors
Build volume 58560 ³
Site area 1880 ²
Square of area 3759 ²
Atrium Atrium Atrium Atrium
Atrium Atrium