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/Jean de Labryuyer/

An area which the reconstruction of existent building is made on is located on crossing of Karl Marx avenue and Moskovskaya street, in the area of city center. The area of plot of land, occupied by shopping center, makes 0,094 hectare.

Building of shopping center has sizes 35x24m and is a difficult rectangle in a plan. In accordance with the decision of regional Consulting Soviet from 16.03.06, the device of mansard floor is foreseen.

For restoration of building facades, renewal of all of the lost and damaged details of facade is foreseen on the existent pictures of beginning of 20th age.

Structural measures foresee replacement of all structural elements of building, strengthening of facades and by implementation into building of monolithic framework.

An interior of shopping center is multilevel atrium with a roundabout gallery, including an elevator block and central stair.

A gallery will enable buyers to see most boutiques located on different floors. Placing of the most known world trade marks is assumed. On an overhead floor, placing of bar is assumed.

The use of marble, granite, window systems of firm «Dorma» is foreseen in finishing of interiors; Italian lamps and other high-quality build materials.

As a result of reconstruction a general area of shopping center will be 3600 square meters, including shopping area 2100 square meters.

Shopping center «Library» is situated at: Moskovskaya street, 1 in Dnepropetrovsk

General area 4600 ²
Auction area 2150 ²
Library Library Library Library
Library Library