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/Jean de Labryuyer/

The shopping center "Europ" is located in the historic part of town near the central Lenin Square and is part of the "Trade Triangle" formed by the ultra modern Shopping Mall "Passage", as well as Central Department Store (CUM) of the socialism era architecture.

The architectural concept of the shopping center "Europe" provides a tactful incorporation of the object in the urban fabric with the help of modern techniques and materials. The compositional core of the building is an atrium with side lighting. Corner of the building is fixed with a panoramic lift shaft.

The first three floors are presented by retail shops, the fourth floor - restaurants.

Shopping center "Europe" is located by the address European Boulevard 1D, with access to the European Square of Dnepropetrovsk

General area of building 9865 ²
Height 18
Floor 4 floors
Build volume 42435 ³
Site area 2199 ²
Square of area 3759 ²
Europe Europe Europe
Europe Europe