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/Francois-Mari Arouet de Voltaire/

The project is a continuation of the improvement in the European boulevard in the direction of Karl Marx and others on Zentralnaya street . This is a pedestrian sidewalk with landscaping and with elements of small architectural forms.

The relief area quiet, with little emphasis on Avenue of Karl Marks. The shopping center plot of land is 0.3 hectares. The shopping complex agreed in the form of two parallelepipeds: in a granite floor and a 5-second cuts glass, cutting glass first rectangular lantern is 9 meters in span and turns into a vertical stained-glass window in the front part. The entrance to the complex stress the active composition with overhanging canopy, made of metal structures.

Zone areas are as follows:
  • Basement : parking for 80 cars, the administration of the mall;
  • 1 - 4 floors - stores of accessories, gifts, clock shop, clothing stores, shoes, children's, sporting goods, "all for leisure";
  • 5th Floor - restaurants, pizzeria, children's center.

The focus in the development of the architectural appearance of the building is devoted to the main interior atrium space - "Passage", which is located directly under the extended glass cover, which is equipped with escalators and elevators for easy connection of visitors between floors. This area of trade, "the neighbourhood" actively filled with greenery and other elements of small architectural forms.

Exterior walls are made in the system with a ventilated facade facing surface of the granite slabs of firm "AKAM" of grey colour. Cap and porch are also faced with granite.

Particular attention is paid to the lighting of the building in the evening and night time. Small window openings are used for multi-coloured twinkling lights and glowing for all the major advertising.

Shopping Complex "Passage" is located at Karl Marks Avenue, 50, Dnepropetrovsk

Total area of a building 25100 ²
Height of 21 m
Floors 5 floors
Build volume 74520 ³
The area of building of 3060 ²
The project 2006-2007 year
Realisation 2011 year
Passage Passage Passage Passage
Passage Passage