Talent works, genius creates

/Robert Schuman/

Placing of the designed building is executed taking into account existent building. The main facade of complex goes out on a street Embankment by V.I. Lenin name, from where entrances are disposed in a shop and offices. An entrance in parking is foreseen on passage, joining to Embankment of V.I.Lenin name.


Building of administratively-hotel complex (offices) has 3 ground and a 1 underground floor. 3 overhead floor occupy the apartments of offices (only pieces.), on below lying the parking on 51 car is placed.

From a north side the shop of unfood commodities joins to building of offices, and from the east is a restaurant into 40 seat places. Every office has the off-line engineering systems, own heat-generator system. The three offices have direct connection by means of elevator with parking. Floors are reported between itself (except for an elevator) with two stairs, one of which (screw) is the decorative element of vestibule.

Office apartments unite around good lighted vestibule with a clerestory on a roof. A vestibule moves away from them with stained-glass windows and brick wall.

The enormous stained-glass window of vestibule and often located windows of main facade maximally expose all views on an aquatorium of Dnepr-river.

In the outward and internal building decoration the brick of crimson, brown color, metallic constructions of darkly-grey color, stained-glass window systems, are applied with the large surfaces of glazing, granite tiles of grey color with the different texture of surface.

The internal decoration foresees painting of wall water-emuislion paints on gyps-cardboard, revetment of floors with a ceramic tile.

An administratively-hotel complex (offices) in the district at a street Embankment by V.I. Lenin name (Zhovtnevyy district)

Site area of building 13084,3 ²
   - Office 1, including 305,5 ²
   - Office 2 1383,2 ²
   - Office 3 1506,9 ²
   - Office 4 2047,8 ²
   - Office 5 1505,8 ²
   - Office 6 1505,8 ²
   - Shop of unfood commodities 1592,8 ²
   - Parking on a 51 car 2512,0 ²
Floor 3 floors
Build volume 54851,4 ³
Site area 6813,6 ²
Terrace Terrace Terrace
Terrace Terrace